Ext JS Screencast: Abstract Classes from Jay Garcia on Vimeo.

In this screencast, we discuss the basics of Abstract classes and how they can help you design maintainable and extensible code.

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2 Responses to “Screencast: Abstract classes with Ext JS”

  1. honzakuchar says:

    Nice post! Thank’s!

  2. trothman says:

    Dear Jay,

    Your book is Brilliant! I have struggled to get started with EXT JS for a while. I bought every book out in the market and found them to be useful but none of the books really go into the core of how the framework works. Most focus on the surface of the framework but very little attention is given to the actual inner workings. I found myself building apps that were based on the examples from the books but whenever I needed to deviate from the books example, I was lost. I am not very experienced with JavaScript so it makes things even more difficult for me. Your book and videos really do teach people how to “fish for themselves” and thus I am so very grateful for all your effort. I bought your book 2 days ago and cannot put it down! I am so excited to use my new found knowledge on the development of an app.
    So this leads me with one question, where can I donate to your initiative so you can continue to produce your high quality tutorials? BTW, your passion for teaching is also apparent in the way you breakdown difficult topics in your videos for everyone to learn.

    Best Wishes,

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